3rd European

Rural Geographies Conference

 JUNE 22-24   

 2021, Groningen  
 The Netherlands

It is with great regret that we have to inform you that the Local Organising Committee has decided to postpone the 3rd European Rural Geographies Conference to next year. We have delayed this decision as long as we could, because we thought we all would be very eager to meet colleagues in June, after a period of isolation. But the rapid spread of the Corona virus and the resulting severe travel restrictions make it impossible to go ahead as planned, or to predict that we will actually be able to travel in June.

We discussed our options and came to the conclusion that postponement with one year would be the best solution. So the conference will be held in 2021 on exactly the same days as this year: 22-24 June (different week days).

Although we think we had developed a great program for the 2020 conference, we have decided to start the whole process from scratch in autumn 2020. At that time, we may think that other topics and themes are more urgent or 'hot', and we would like to be able to have some 'room' to update the program. Moreover, you may have already finished the paper you intended to present this year, and may have new research projects you would like to share with us. So this means that we will (re)think the keynote speakers and come with a new call for papers in the autumn of 2020.


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Autumn of 2020: Call for papers           

June 22-24, 2021: 3rd European Rural Geographies Conference


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